If It Was True

If it was true you would’ve stayed and comforted my soul.

If it was true you would’ve told the world what it means to be in love.

If it was true you would’ve crossed the seven seas and made me yours.

But why wasn’t this all true? 

Instead, you fumbled with my heart.

Left the only person who would’ve done anything for you and you only.

You lost what was once so great in a matter of a heartbeat.

Why was this true? 

© Copyright 2016, artsylifeofours


15 thoughts on “If It Was True

  1. These are the great mysteries of the human soul. Love, by any stretch, is the greatest gift and yet, it seems by some need of logic or equilibrium in the universe, it is also by far the most savage of all cruelties. I feel the desolation and sorrow in your piece and yet it is still a thing of great beauty. Thank you for allowing us a glimpse.

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  2. Well many a times the other does not understand what they came for and what words they used when they came to our life.
    Love is just like life, full of mystery. Many says let go but I know it is very hard, yes indeed hard. But the bitter truth is we can move after letting go.
    And as life is a mystery.. … It always has something to do with Karma of our past and we do someday realize it …or if not we need to accept it.

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