Birthdays Or Just Another Day? 

The hand strikes 12 and here’s to another year of being older, oh joy! Birthdays, the celebration of birth and marking another year that has gone by since the day you were welcomed in this world. A year goes by and I’m another year older than the last. I’m officially the legal age to drink and yet here I am, sitting on my couch and reflect on my life and the past decisions. If you ask me, I would much rather fast forward this day than spend an entire day of celebrating.

When I was younger, I would make a big deal about December 8th. The one and only day where everyone had to come to my party or else I wouldn’t have it. But things changed after we moved. There were no more big birthday parties with my close friends, no goodie bags filled with yummy treats (mind you, I was 11 when I moved,) no more crazy dance parties and no more opening twenty different presents all at once. There was no particular reason for not throwing big birthday parties like I used to. It was more of my own decision to keep it small. It was all about family. Every birthday celebrated since the move has been with my loving and wonderful family. 

As you get older you realize it’s not about throwing big expensive parties, or how many people are going to be there, or buying the perfect birthday outfit for your special day. I’ve come to appreciate my loving family as each year passes by. But why do I want to fast forward this day? As each year goes by, my goals change. I start to think about my future and have major anxiety as to what I want to do with my life or where I should be at in my life. Being an adult is a lot harder than you think. If you ask me, birthdays are just another day. Nothing really changes, except maybe a few minor changes. The true signs of aging, such as having a few strands of gray hair or wrinkles under my eyes but other than that, no changes. 

Birthdays are just another day for me. I dread birthdays because why? I’m getting older, that’s why. Getting older means more responsibilities, more bills that I have yet to pay, more signs of aging, and lastly but not the least, I’m not a kid anymore! It’s time to wear my big girl pants and become the super women I’ve always wanted to be. New goals to set and new plans to achieve them before the next big day comes. Until then, I shall pig out on my yummy chocolate cake that I’ve been dying to have! The only good thing about birthdays is eating the seven layered chocolate mousse cake that’s been waiting for me. 



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