‘Why The Hell Not’

It’s a Saturday night and I’m lazily sitting around and thinking to myself ‘why the hell not’ on making my very own blog. Now I’m not an expert on writing blogs or writing in general, maybe because I’ve always hated writing papers in college and grammar itself. So please bare with me while I’m learning about this new venture. If there’s any grammatical errors, don’t say I didn’t warn you. I’ll try to proofread things before I post anything.  

Back to ‘why the hell not’ and why I’m starting something new for once and not hiding behind my insecurities and anxiety. Many people write blogs to express their thoughts or feelings about their life, and yes you guessed it right, that’s exactly what I’ll be doing! I’ve come to a realization that I can think better when I write things down, whether it be jungled thoughts in my confined walls, my roller coaster of emotions, my little adventures in a small town in a Ohio, and basically every aspect of my life that I would like to share with you all. 

I’m usually not an entertainer because I prefer listening to people’s experiences, jokes, and their life story. I’m more of a listener than a talker but I am willing to try new things. Writing a blog seems interesting he more I read people’s blog and their life story full of great experiences and some interesting advices but it definitely doesn’t look easy. Trying to navigate on here and setting this blog up for about an hour is making me hungry. I’ll try not to bore my life in this very first blog so I’ll be back with something that capture someone’s attention and give my blog a try. Till then I shall order my pizza and feed my starving self. 

Thank you! 

B πŸ¦‹

Image Β© Copyright 2016, artsylifeofours



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